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Comprehensive technical maintenance of buildings,
and professional services

The dynamically changing property sector, and a big competition in the market prompt customers to make informed choices, and to look for the best specialists. We believe that the key to the success of our company are people. We promote staff who are qualified and full of passion, creating long-term relationships that are based on mutual respect. We unceasingly strive to develop our staff's potential, without giving up at the same time a friendly and open atmosphere. We appreciate their individuality, a willingness to develop, as well as values they contribute to our company. Our mission is to set supreme standards in technical maintenance of properties. We are ambitious, and our objective is to stand among facility management market leaders in Poland.

We offer technical maintenance, infrastructural, and administrative services provided for commercial facilities. Our strengths include specialized maintenance services, execution of projects, modifications and modernizations, as well as FM consulting.

Innovation is the key issue to us, as we try to implement modern solutions and ideas in response to changing property market demands. We build trust in our company through transparent conditions of cooperation, and consistent rules. Our priorities are long-term relationships with our Business Partners.

We hope you will place trust in us.

Yours faithfully,
Grzegorz Gałka, President of the Board



Designing, constructing, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems.


Designing, constructing, maintenance and repair of ventilation systems.


Designing, constructing, maintenance and repair of building automation systems.


Physical and electronic protection of property and people.


Designing, constructing, maintenance and repair of technical security systems.


Designing, constructing, maintenance and repair of fire safety elements and systems.


Cleaning services for buildings and green areas.


Comprehensive premises fit-out projects from design to execution.

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