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Air Conditioning

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Maintenance and repair of commercial air conditioning

We specialize in maintenance and repairs of industrial and commercial air conditioning systems by Daikin, Fuji Electric, Samsung, Fujitsu, LG, York, Toshiba, MDV, and Mitsubishi Electric.

We provide services only to corporate clients, property managers and owners.

We offer:

  • authorized maintenance services for commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment based on the obtained certificates
  • periodic or one-time maintenance of air conditioning equipment
  • cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning systems
  • mycological examination of air conditioning systems
  • measurement of microclimate in workplace environment
  • inspection of air conditioning system conducted in accordance with the Building Law regulations
  • energy efficiency assessment of cooling equipment of up to 12 kW in accordance with the Law on Energy Performance of Buildings
  • repairs of defective air conditioning equipment
  • defects remedying
  • 24-hour maintenance service

We guarantee:

  • the highest service standard in the market confirmed by certificates
  • qualified and experienced pool of specialists
  • the highest class equipment
  • documentation of completed jobs
  • immediate response

As regards air conditioning, we render services to:

  • office facilities and complexes
  • catering facilities
  • hotels
  • shopping malls
  • industrial and sports halls
  • clinics and hospitals
  • other industrial and commercial facilities of any kind

Microclimate measurements

Additionally, we offer the highest quality service consisting in measuring air parameters in the workplace.

  • Using a measuring device, we establish parameters of thermal environments of moderate microclimate.
  • Using EHA MM203 device, we define the rate of discomfort (dissatisfaction with thermal conditions) of people exposed to moderate environment. The standard makes it possible to determine analytically, and interpret thermal comfort, with the application of the PMV (Predicted Mean Value) index and PPD (Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied) index, as well as criteria of local thermal comfort.
  • Thanks to those measurements, we can determine if HVAC systems (with their associated controls) in the building operate in the way that provides proper thermal comfort for people working in it.

The measurements find application in newly erected facilities (to verify if the system meet the design assumptions and ensure the thermal comfort as required under the law), and in existing buildings, in which employees suffer from thermal discomfort. The measurements are also helpful information on the operation of the systems in the course of the system audits.