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Energy consulting

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Energy consulting

We comprehensively advise investors and companies on projects in renewable energy sources, in particular on photovoltaic power plants and industrial heat pumps on the basis of energy audits.

Audit of energy potential for the construction of commercial photovoltaic installations:

  • Analysis of investment needs – online or offline work session
  • Local inspection of the property or land with inventory of LV and MV switchgears and transformer station
  • Electrical measurements of LV switchgears
  • Measurements of shading elements and shading analysis of available mounting surfaces
  • Provision of project documentation of the facilities and plot development plans by the Investor
  • Conceptual design with estimation of the maximum assembly potential
  • Presentation of possible technical solutions
  • Preparation of a reference cost estimate for the investor
  • Analysis of investment profitability with simulation of energy yields
  • Online or offline audit presentation and handover of audit documentation

The energy audit takes on average 2–3 weeks to complete.

Energy under control for your benefit!