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Sustainable development

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Sustainable development

Since the beginning of its activity, the principles of corporate social responsibility have been one of the pillars of the development of our Apleona FMS Sp. z o.o.. We believe that fulfilling our obligations responsibly by promoting the right attitudes based on mutual respect and trust towards our employees, customers and partners is the key to success. We also understand our mission in terms of caring for the environment and local communities. We want to be an example for other entrepreneurs and develop our company’s activities in an optimal way.

Our commitment – making a positive difference

Organisational governance and good market practice

We have introduced a code of ethics that guides all of our business activities. We have included the values that guide us on a daily basis and have made clear our opposition to violations of professional ethics and values of fair business practice.

We have continuously maintained and applied the principles of ISO 9001:2015 since we started business in 2014. We place great importance on the quality of internal and external processes, the quality of services, and informatisation to speed up processes.

Human rights and workplace practices

We are aware that our people are the most important part of our company. We make every effort to ensure that we are an employer that employees look for and that working in the Apleona FMS Sp. z o.o. team is an honour for them.

We take care to provide our employees with an optimal work environment. Our actions are aimed at ensuring a friendly atmosphere and support from superiors and co-workers, equipping them with appropriate work tools, building clear career development paths and improving internal communication. We appreciate the diversity of our employees and support them in social activities and initiatives.

We apply a code of ethical employment. Our practices enable employees to influence the real development of the company and its values. We operate according to an ISO 45001:2018 certified system to ensure employees have the right level of health and safety at work.

Customers and Cooperators

We always give priority to the requirements and expectations of our customers. They are also the driving force behind our further development. We adapt our plans and activities to their standards. We flexibly develop and change our company according to the needs of customers and the market. We meet expectations and in our daily work we take into account the primary goal – to contribute to the achievement of sustainable value and measurable results by our partners.

Caring for the environment

Our first step to protect the environment was to implement, operate and carry out ISO 14001:2015 certification. We are strongly committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment by reducing electricity consumption, phasing out plastic, computerisation, proper waste management, reducing emissions, and promoting renewable energy sources and low carbon solutions. We strive to raise awareness among our employees and business partners, and we adapt our activities to the requirements of our customers and the environment in this regard.

We have created a department within our structures that provides real support for environmental activities. We promote and supply photovoltaic installations for individual and business customers, which significantly support environmental protection.

Social involvement and community development

We make every effort to ensure that our activities do not have a negative impact on the environment and local communities. We engage in activities to support social initiatives, charity events and environmental protection.