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Maintenance and repair of ventilation systems

We specialize in maintenance and repairs of industrial and commercial air conditioning systems in large format facilities, including hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, industrial and catering facilities.

We provide services only to corporate clients, property managers and owners.

We offer:

  • comprehensive maintenance of industrial ventilation equipment
  • mechanical cleaning of ventilation ducts by means of specialized "Lifa-Air" equipment
  • cleaning and hygienisation of ventilation equipment and ducts
  • disinfection of ventilation systems
  • inspection of ventilation ducts
  • measurements of indoor air environment parameters (humidity, temperature, pressure difference, noise)
  • ventilation efficiency examination reports
  • periodic or one-time maintenance of ventilation systems and equipment
  • repairs of ventilation equipment, defects remedying
  • 24-hour maintenance service

We perform professional cleaning of ventilation, with cleaning effectiveness confirmed always with microbiological examinations. Upon completion of any job, we always draft a relevant report, with photo documentation.

Ventilation maintenance we are specialized in concerns such industrial ventilation equipment, as:

  • air handling units, rooftop equipment
  • fancoil units
  • heaters and air curtains
  • fans
  • pump stations
  • other ventilation equipment

We hold manufacturers' licenses to maintain and repair ventilation equipment by VTS and other manufacturers.

We guarantee:

  • the highest service standard in the market confirmed by certificates
  • qualified and experienced pool of specialists
  • the highest class equipment
  • documentation of completed jobs
  • immediate response